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Mothering Sunday

The church cerebrated Mothering Sunday with a special Brigades' Youth Service. Many of the Brigade members took part in the service supported by other young people of the church. While our Minister, Rev Steve Wallis preached on "The unconditional love of God" the younger Brigade members watched part of a "Heros and Friends" DVD telling the story of Sampson. At the end of the service the younger children disributed bunches of flowers of their mothers and all the ladies who were at the service.

The main photograph shows baby Ewan with his parents Laim and Christina. Liam is our BB Captain. Also present was baby Feya (no photograph) with her mother Rachael who is our GB Captain. On this Sunday father Mark was at Tamworth Baptist Church for their Parade Service as he is Captain of the 1st Tamworth Company. Both babies were born within a week of each other at the end of April. The other photograph show more mums who have received bunches of flowers from their children.

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