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... was the title of the morning service held on Sunday 26th July 2015. There were two reasons for this; one "happy" and the other one "sad".

"Sad" because it was the concluding service of Rev Steve Wallis as Minister of Polesworth Baptist Church. Steve had accepted a call to be minister of Pentref Baptist Church in Newbridge on Wye, Wales. The church had already shared a farewell meal with Steve and Vanessa a few weeks earlier at The Unicorn Inn, Orton-on-the-Hill. At the conclusion of this service Brian Dimbleby, Church Secretary, expressed the appreciation of the whole church to Steve and Vanessa for their hard work with the church and presented a gift so that something suitable may be purchased for their new home in Wales.

"Happy", because the service marked a new start as Juliet Davies took up the next step of her Christian walk through the waters of Baptism. During the service Juliet shared her testimony of her life with Jesus and why this was resulting in her Baptism. After the Baptism, conducted by Steve with the assistance of Nigel Jones, the Deacons laid hands on Juliet and prayed for her. It was indeed a very happy occasion as the included photographs show.

Farewell Baptism
Steve & Vannessa at the Farewell meal
Anticipating the service of Believers' Baptism
Baptism Baptism
Juliet making her Baptismal Vows
Juliet Baptised

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