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In with a Splash
In with a Splash
In with a Splash
In with a Splash

When Steve, our previous Minister, conduction his last service, it included Believer's Baptism and was titled "Out with a Splash". On Sunday 30th July 2017 our new Minister, Rev Nick Nicholas was baptised by Rev Allison Mackay, one of our Regional Ministers. Hence we have called this "In with a Splash". At the side are some photographs of the occasion and a summary of Nick's testimony at the service, which tells us why, as a Baptist Minister he was being baptised. Nick will be formally inducted as Minister of Polesworth Baptist Church on Saturday 14th October 2017.

Why am I here being baptised as a believer? Because of love.

Love has brought me here. God's love for me, and mine for Him.

God's love: rescuing me from my past, bringing me back to Himself through Elinor, inviting me to follow Him, even into ministry in the URC, providing for us along the way, answering us when we cried out to Him in the day of trouble, giving us a season of rest, calling us here. God's love has brought me here, and He says: be baptised.

But haven't I been baptised? Hasn't that carried me these years.

And in the Spirit. He knows that. He knew that, in calling me here, everything would come to this, for He knows that the BU likes its ministers to be baptised as believers.

The thing about God's love is that He calls you to obedience. As Jesus says, anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. Isn't that what love is about: making home together. So it's not: do I get baptised as a believer, but as a believer do I do what God wants me to do.

So here I am, ready for love.


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