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The Girls' Brigade

Girls Brigade

1st Polesworth Company of The Girls' Brigade

Captain: Rachael Vernon
01827 437231 brigades@polesworthbaptistchurch.co.uk

Both Brigades meet in the Youth Hall opposite the Church.

Ours is an organisation that is forward looking and committed to empowering young people to develop and realise their God-given potential. I would like you to know that we are truly proud of our achievements in the last 100+ years, as a national body, we have been in existence. We exist primarily for the girls and young women and it is to these young women that I address myself first:


Here is an opportunity for you to link up with girls of your own age group all over the world and learn about their cultures and traditions, their fears and aspirations, their dreams and adventure and know that you are not alone. Girls' Brigade gives you a sense of belonging and grows you into a mature adult who is not afraid to venture out.

Parents and Guardians:

Girls' Brigade offers you a safe place to grow your child into a true mature, responsible person, who has a balanced view of the world and is trained to take responsibility for herself and others. At Girls' Brigade, your child will learn life’s skills and lessons that will help build a character to venture out as a citizen of the world.

The church has appointed Rachael Vernon (01827 437231) as the Responsible Officer for Children and Young People's Work.

Paul Birt (01827 893393) has been appointed as the Designated Person for safeguarding.

A copy of the Safeguarding policy can be obtained from him on request.

Polesworth Baptist Church
The Gullet, Polesworth, Warwickshire, B78 1HH
Telephone The Minister: 01827 912821
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