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Some of our congregation

From the Congregation

April, 2017

THE EMPTY TOMB (John 20: 1 - 10) (John 20: 1 -10)

Imagine the grief of the disciples on Friday as their Lord and closest friend had died. Imagine their anger because he had been put to death by collusion between the Jewish Authorities and the Romans. Imagine their confusion and disappointment because it was the end of their dreams of the kingdom they thought he had come to establish. It was not supposed to happen like this.

Or was it? First, Mary. John does not say why Mary went to the grave. Maybe she brought spices and perhaps other women were with her. John does tell us that she saw the stone rolled away and, as anyone would have done, thought that someone had stolen the body. But who and why? Peter and the “other” disciple went inside tomb and saw the grave clothes. No one would have stolen the unwrapped body and folded the headband. What had happened?

There is only one possibility and the “other” disciple grasped it. He believed because of the evidence he saw. It was only later that the Holy Spirit taught the disciples that the OT scriptures indicated that the Messiah would rise from the dead. They also remembered numerous occasions when Jesus himself and primed them for this event saying that it was necessary for him to suffer, be rejected and then raised from the dead. They saw he evidence first and then gradually pieced together its meaning.

I hope that members of the congregation will be prepared to provide an occasion article for the Diary and Website.


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