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Pastor Nick Nicholas

Pastor's Page

April, 2018

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

John Lennon once wrote that Ďlife is what happens to you while youíre busy making other plans.Ē We rise up in the morning thinking, ďThis is what Iíll doĒ and then something happens, and our day is taken over by it. We may never do what we sought to do. Thatís how it is for us. But it is not so for God. God is never taken by surprise by events. He never says to Himself. ďWell I wasnít expecting that, now what will we do?Ē

Jesus knew what would happen to Him. The Gospels make that quite clear, as He forewarned the disciples. But they found it hard to accept Ė it didnít meet their expectations that the Messiah would suffer on the cross. Some still find that too hard to accept. Why might that be?

I wonder if, deep down, itís because they cant accept that He freely chose to die to save their lives. How can one man die to save others? One man is one man. The others are billions. The maths doesnít add up. Unless this man is more than a man. Unless this man is the One who gave us life. In the world every day a mother gives her life to save her family. When we see that we also see that the maths doesnít matter, itís the love that counts. Jesus is more than any mother of some, He is the life giver of everyone. Itís not the numbers; itís the love.

Itís also difficult for many, I think, because they cant cope with the Resurrection. We know death. Itís the ultimate ending. Resurrections donít happen. But if the Resurrection did happen then our sense of life as only what you can measure doesnít count; only love counts, And it means that Jesus really is Immanuel, God with us and that what He tells us about His Father is true. Which means that secularism & and all its children is untrue. Not right as a guide. Not correct as a fact. Not valid as a promise. And where does that leave you if you cant bear the idea that all your thinking is not true for life? It puts you right back in Eden. Under the tree. Holding the fruit. Hearing the words: Did God really sayÖ?Ē

But all who know that the Resurrection is true, that it is the centre of reality and the root of past and future history, stand with Christ Jesus on the mountain top, hearing the words: ďI am going to send you what my Father has promised ...Ē

Praise the Lord. Alleluia! Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Yours in Christís blessing, Nick


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Updated March 26th, 2018
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