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Some of our congregation

From the Congregation

July, 2017

Baptist Assembly, May 2017

The Harrogate Convention Centre was a great venue for the annual Baptist get-together. Entitled, ‘Beacons of Hope’, the assembly, run jointly by the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) and BMS World Mission, offered a wide range of talks and seminars as well as separate programmes for children and young people.

The new BU President, Dianne Tidball, took as her theme: May your kingdom come on earth, as in heaven. She reminded us that God’s kingdom comes as we recognise his reign, presence, joy, generosity, holiness and sacrifice – and that our response must be to Wake Up!, Seek God (it’s not about me), share the Good News and ‘punch holes in the darkness’, bringing God’s presence into people’s lives.

We heard encouraging reports of world mission (in Nepal, more than a million have come to Christ in the last decade) and of the current BMS strategy, which is to focus resources on the most marginalised, the least evangelised, the most fragile. Sadly, mission work has been affected by the weak pound; there is also concern about the potential increased health costs for mission personnel due to changes in government policy designed to prevent health tourism.

Lynn Green, BUGB General Secretary, talked about ‘Growing Healthy Churches’, reminding us that 94% of our communities don’t yet know Jesus, that there was evidence of a new spiritual openness and that we need to be equipped for mission. God is ‘doing a new thing’ and we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, as he is the one we are following.

In the seminar on evangelism, we shared (in groups) what we were doing in our own churches and prayed for each other. A personal moment of joy for me was sitting down beside someone I didn’t think I knew – a minister in the north of England – and realising that he had been in my Sunday School class when he was 7! He had come from a non-Christian family on what he described as ‘quite a tough estate’, stayed in the church through Sunday School, Boys’ Brigade and Youth Group and become a Christian when he was 16. We hadn’t seen each other for almost 50 years! (If you work with children and young people, be encouraged – you are vital links in the chain!)

We had a great time, we met up with good friends and we felt inspired to follow Jesus more closely. Can Peterborough compete next year?

An edited version of the report prepared by Hazel Rendle for Wade Street Church.

I hope that many members of the congregation will be prepared to provide an occasional article for the Diary. Brian


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