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Pastor Nick Nicholas

Pastor's Page

July, 2018

we're redeveloping our website but the good news is the same ...

Hi there

we're here and we're alive, affirming who we are in God, walking with Christ Jesus and working with Him to share the good news of the Kingdom of God.

There's a phrase to stir our hearts. The Kingdom of God. It means the rule and reign of God in our life. So much of the time we are ruled by the world, by our desires and even by what is wrong. In all those ways we're seeking a happy life. But these ways make promises they don't keep. Consider:

What does it mean to be ruled by the world? It means being led by adverts, fashion, and celebrities, all of which egg you on to get the latest, telling you how its better than what you have or what you wanted last year but never got. And there's the lie. Whatever you buy today - there's a better tomorrow. You're always spending money seeking the dream while the dream is always being taking further along. It's chasing the wind.

And what does it mean to be ruled by your desires. For some its the desire of the eyes, never mind your wife or partner look at this guy or gal. Lust rules for your actions. For others its food, forever dieting, never being glad in what you are but always chasing the dream of what you are not. Envy rules your actions. Inside your heart you are not glad with yourself and everyday you want a new you. But the old you keeps breaking through.

And what does it mean to be ruled by what's wrong. It means pleasing only yourself because your life is the only life that matters. It means telling yourself so long as it feels good, so long as it's between consenting adults, so long as the buzz hits then its all wicked. And it is wicked in the old sense of the word. Evil has you in his grip, and there's nothing more powerful than a little of what you fancy does you good, for it's the lie that seduces you into deeper evil, by which you end up being reduced to a stomach - I must have X, give me Y or I die. And all your search for happiness becomes a desire to suffer less and you discover the truth of the words that there is no peace for the wicked.

What can be done? Turn to God. Tell Him you want out of all his bad stuff. Recognise you've got it wrong. Be humble. Ask God the Father to forgive you. Ask Christ Jesus for a new start. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. And go to a church. I know!
But do you know that church folk are just like you - people who get it wrong who are yet learning to walk with God to get it right. Have a good summer break. But most of all find happiness, find God.

Rev Nick

Polesworth Baptist Church
The Gullet, Polesworth, Warwickshire, B78 1HH
Telephone The Minister: 01827 912821
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Updated July 17th, 2018
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