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Pastor Nick Nicholas

Pastor's Page

May, 2018

Going into God's Future

This month Christians celebrate Pentecost.
What is Pentecost? Essentially it is God, Father and Son, pouring out upon their people their very self, in terms of the gift of the Holy Spirit. God engages in personal fellowship with His people. God is the almighty Father and Christ our Lord but at the same time He is with us by the Holy Spirit, who is not a power but the Third person of the Godhead.

So what does that mean in practice?

It means that the Father and the Son are empowering - through the lively presence of the Holy Spirit - a people to witness to Jesus and to teach and to do what Jesus did. Wow!!! Big stuff and not always well appreciated even by the church, which sometimes lapses into trying to be the Church and seek God's Kingdom by people power!

Jesus calls the Church to be His ambassadors. The thing about being an ambassador is that your words, your actions, your role are meant to be and to express the words, acts and role of the person you represent. Ambassadors have no significance in themselves. Everything is all about Jesus, for as Paul says, all things were created by Jesus and for Jesus.

The work of the church is not to build itself up but to witness to Jesus in word and action. The purpose of the church is not to make the world a better place but to seek God's Kingdom, to model God's new family, to be the new creation community, living in vital relationship with God and so revealing Jesus as the true meaning of life. And the main means of the Church is love. Love for God. Love for other church members. Love for other people, including enemies.

All this engages the church in a mighty battle for some people oppose God, an opposition fed by and led by - whether known to the people or not - the devil and his cohorts. But the Father and the Son empower the church for this battle by the Pentecost outpouring of God the Holy Spirit. We are the light of the world, shining in the darkness of the world for the revelation of the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

All this requires our own renewal, hence the foundation of being born again. Renewal is a constant refreshment of who we are in Christ. That is not just personal but corporate - the church being a community. And a renewal of actions as well as word. One small aspect of this is that we are beginning a revamping this website: new wine needs a new wineskin! May the Lord bless our Pentecost endeavours. To His glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever more. Amen.


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